Moon Landing Hoax

When people invent elaborate mythologies and fictions like the Apollo moon landing hoax conspiracy theory, it’s important to remember, that it’s never about the theory, it’s about the theorist. Conspiracy theorists latch onto a few perceived anomalies as the basis of their theory and ignore the mass of contradictory evidence. They also tend to ignore any reasoned rebuttals of their ideas, and any information that would tend to contradict what they are presenting, no matter how convincing. They are always willing to replace the obvious with the preposterous, because it’s really not the theory that’s important, but the idea that they have special knowledge that the rest of the public does not have, and that they have uncovered a secret that most of the rest of society is too blind, brainwashed or stupid to see. These things are very important and dear to our conspiracy theorist. They will look past reams of evidence and testimony to find that one little bit, the hair on the negative, lens flare in the photo, the misspoken word, the missing document, and conflate this into a massive myth that literally requires the collusion of thousands of people to seemingly be possible. This is how the legend of the Apollo moon landing hoax was born, when one disgruntled ex-technical librarian with an axe to grind made up a story about faking a moon landing. People being who they are, some believed it, since they have a need to believe in secrets and conspiracies, even though the information in that book was quickly debunked and shown to be nonsense. But it survives to this day, providing more fuel to the people who feed off conspiracies as a way to feel special and superior. Since the Apollo missions are now some 45 years in the past and we have several generations who didn’t witness them or understand their context, they continue to find a ready audience for their nonsense. All the sensible people can do is continue to point out the truth as history has recorded it?

The Apollo program and lunar landings were undertaken with the expectation that other countries, particularly the Soviet Union, would also be landing on the moon within a few years or perhaps even months of the NASA effort. Faking the Apollo missions would have been a seriously risky proposition, based on the fact that not only might another country choose to land near an Apollo site, but eventually others would explore or colonize the moon and find out that the missions had been faked. Therefore, regardless of the many debunked claims made about inadequate technology or deadly radiation, or other such nonsense, there was no real incentive, ever, to “fake” anything about Apollo, given the whole thing was under world scrutiny. What would NASA have done if they had faked it, and then 5 or 10 years later somebody else had landed there and found out the whole thing was a hoax? It would have precipitated a major political crisis, obviously. So given that, it’s pretty clear, aside from the mountains of evidence and data freely available to anyone, that the Apollo program was genuine and the landings happened as recorded, that “faking it” would have been completely unacceptable, even assuming there had been any motivation to do so, which there was not. The many thousands of engineers and scientists who developed and worked on the Apollo program were honest people with scientific integrity. No one has ever seriously called that into question, nor has anyone ever come forward with the slightest evidence of dishonesty or deception. People making these claims do so only out of their own personal delusions and vendettas, and lack both knowledge and credibility.

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  1. There were plenty of reasons to fake the landings. They had already spent $9bn and were faced with huge spiralling costs. They concluded that there were many reasons they couldn’t pull it off and so decided to fake it to save face. It could also have been agreed with the Russians. Ask yourself why, as soon as USA had got to the moon, Russia immediately ceased their moon mission program. When Sir Edmund Hilary conquered Everest, did everyone else decide not to bother? No. Explain no blast crater, explain why no news agency was given a direct feed but had to watch it from a screen provided by NASA. Explain how they traversed the Van Alen Belts. Explain how a footprint is made in the dust when there is no moisture. For dust to maintain its shape it requires moisture which provides a hydrogen bond between the particles. In reduced gravity, the single, solitary motion that should appear ‘slow’ is up and down motion. Movement of arms and legs should be unaffected since they are not influenced by gravity. Not the case with the footage seen. Explain why, when asked, any of the astronauts refused to simply place their hand on a bible and swear to god they walked on the moon. One of them was even offered $5000 to be given to charity – still refused. Explain the leaked footage of the astronauts discussing the staging of activity within the craft. Explain how, when Neil Armstrong hit a golf ball on the moon, someone commented that he had ‘sliced’ the ball. Slicing is an atmospheric phenomenon.

    I’m not one of these sad people who like to latch onto conspiracy theories for the sake of it. For instance, the flat earthers are the biggest bunch of deluded people I’ve ever seen. I’m looking at the facts. I do have a degree in Physics from the university of Leeds and so I believe I’m qualified to comment. As regards the moon landings, there are many, many unanswered questions.

    • There are no “unanswered questions” about the Apollo moon landings. This is a meme invented by conspiracy nuts in an attempt to cast doubt on one of the best documented events in history.

  2. Many of these “flat earthers” are spatially unaware. I believe it’s connected to IQ. I’ve been a night sky gazer since I was a kid. Especially at high altitudes, far from the city lights, I can see & feel my place in our solar system. Math & science class merely confirmed what I felt, & taught me the math behind it.

  3. In a television program about the moon-landing hoax allegations, Fox Entertainment Group listed the deaths of ten astronauts and of two civilians related to the manned spaceflight program as having possibly been killed as part of a cover-up.

  4. Your last paragraph means nothing … sorry.

    95% of NASA is incompetent. Watch some of their lab videos some days. can’t get a rover to fall 10′ without breaking it, but re-entry is no problem!!

    The other 5% is pulling all the strings and faking all the data. Does the control room know where the feeds are coming from? Do the engineers know where their tech ends up? Seriously, it’s 95% fake. Just funneling billions into a real SSP while the cheap-ass puppet show takes center stage.

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