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So what is this? Another conspiracy theory site? Hardly. I detest conspiracy theories, and I detest the buffoons who promote them for their own aggrandizing or profit, and there’s so many who do this. Conspiracy theories have become the refuge of the stupid, the ignorant, the delusional, and those I call intellectually destructive, who seek to overturn logic and science through lies and distortion of both knowledge and history, particularly knowledge and history they don’t like. Of course, nobody can destroy science and logic, but they can, through the sheer volume of rhetoric and misinformation the Internet makes possible, cause considerable confusion and apprehension in those who are not well-informed or particularly clear-thinking.

Be forewarned…I have long since had my fill of this nonsense. I’ve watched it grow and spread for years. While some may find it amusing and silly, the level of intentional misinformation, fabrication, and malfeasance present on the “information superhighway” is reaching alarming proportions, and rational people need to speak out. I will be speaking out, and I will not be polite. The time for polite and thoughtful debates is over, because the curmudgeons of conspiracy have no interest in polite and reasoned discussion. They are out to convert the masses and subvert as many channels of information as they can…this much is clear. So, expect bluntness, expect adult language, and expect a fair amount of ridicule and mockery, if you happen to be on the wrong side of the equation here.

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