Tummyache? That’ll be a million dollars please. We’ve been hearing alot about health care lately. Alot of nonsense that is. Pundits and pinheads alike (and they are alike in some ways) are lamenting the imminent takeover of our wonderful health care system by the big horrible government. The are strenuously defending the rights of big insurance companies to continue to make billions of dollars off our misery and suffering. The are vociferously demanding the right to continue to pay hundreds of dollars a month for the right to go to a hospital and pay 20% of thousands of dollars to get their defective bodies repaired. Or die in the process. What are they afraid of? A system where everyone gets cared for equally? Where someone who is sick or hurt can go get the care they need without being turned away, or having to sign a second mortgage, or just plain going bankrupt? God forbid some bum or filthy undocumented alien should sneak in there and get the same treatment as a true blue ‘Merican! The fact that we are the only country in the developed world that won’t take care of the health of it’s citizens is astounding enough, considering we are the biggest and wealthiest nation in the developed world, but the fact that we refuse to do it because some incredibly wealthy corporations and doctors might not continue to be so wealthy shows the rest of the world clearly where our priorities lie. Maybe we really deserve what we get for choosing this course.
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July 21, 2010

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